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Feb 102011

We’re thrilled to announce that Ron Blitstein has joined Cutter’s management team and is now Director of Cutter’s CIO practice. While this role is new for Ron, Ron is not new to Cutter! He’s been a Fellow of the Cutter Business Technology Council since 2007, and a Senior Consultant with our Business-IT Strategies practice. As Director of the CIO practice — which includes research, consulting, and training services around business-IT strategy and trends, enterprise risk management, security, sourcing, and innovation — Ron will lead the community of Senior Consultants focused in these areas and will lay out the research agenda in these domains. Ron’s 30-year career includes extensive international operations experience and spans all aspects Read more

Nov 162009

“We have seen reengineering, transformation, re-invention, new, speed, competencies, teachable points of view, destroying your business, BHAG (big hairy audacious goals)—they’re all about what is supposed to happen. But very little has been said about exactly how you do it.” This passage is from a interesting and slightly irreverent book from Phillip Hodgson and Randall White, “Relax, it’s only Uncertainty: Lead the way when the way is changing,” Prentice Hall 2001. Hodgson and White provide more than a look at the necessity of dealing with risk and uncertainty, they give sound advice about how to build the skill sets needed to deal with that uncertainty. “Leadership is what crosses the frontier between what we did Read more

Jun 222009

Last December, we asked the Cutter Business Technology Council to provide some advice for surviving the recession. Since there are now some signs that things are beginning to turn around, we thought it would be interesting to see what the Council thinks will be different as we emerge from the recession. The consensus: Post-recovery ? Pre-crash. Here are a few impressions of the future: Tom DeMarco predicts: “In organizations whose decision makers are fear-crazed and vision-free, new IT expenditures will have to be justified largely on offset maintenance cost. Companies that pursue this course will be the best takeover targets in the coming years. Companies that are best at resisting this course will be the ones Read more

Apr 082009

Cutter’s annual Summit conference is upon us! Our keynoters, panelists, roundtable facilitators and seminar leaders are truly amazing. It’s an inspiring — and inspired — group of people. And at the Summit, you get to spend time with these folks. I’m not talking about taking up space in the same room; I’m talking real, quality time. Want to discuss your particular challenge with Rob Austin? Go ahead, sit together at lunch. Hang out during the 30-minute break. Curious about techniques to protect your personally identifiable information? Mark Seiden will give you incredible tips during the coffee break. Are you wondering if some of your staff could deliver greater value in a different role? Talk with Read more

Apr 012009

Every year, folks at the Summit ask us Cutter staff people if the Red Sox are in town, and we usually have to break the news that the old towne team is on the road. Well, we’ve arranged for them to be at home at the end of this year’s Summit, and we’re holding a drawing among attendees for a pair of tickets for the Wednesday, May 6 post-Summit game vs. the Cleveland Indians. It’ll be a great time at one of the few remaining classic baseball parks for the lucky Summiteer! The experts attending and participating in this year’s Cutter Summit are an impressive group, and if they weren’t also such nice people, I’d Read more

Feb 102009

Cutter Innovation team members Rob Austin, Dick Nolan and Shannon O’Donnell have a new book coming out this spring, The Adventures of an IT Leader. With this novel, you get to be a fly on the wall, accompanying new CIO Jim Barton through his first year on the job. Though The Adventures of an IT Leader is fiction, it’s based on Rob and Dick’s consulting and IT management experiences. You can read excerpts from the book at And Rob will be teaching one of its cases, How to Avoid Getting Flattened by a Runaway Project at our Summit in May.

Dec 182008

The unraveling global economy and its effect on our companies and our lives is about the only thing on people’s minds these days. So we asked the Cutter Business Technology Council Fellows for their advice to IT leaders about how to survive during this financial mess. Here are some snippets of what they advised. Tom DeMarco: “Take a deep breath and … reduce salaries. There is an unwritten law in companies that salaries can go up but can never go down. Repeal it. If you’re faced with a mandate to cut personnel costs by, say, 10%, you could do that by laying off 10% of staff. That way all of the pain is absorbed by Read more