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Dec 212014
The Apprentice:  An American Reality Game Show Or The Ultimate Job Interview For Entry-Level Software Professionals?

I predict that more software companies will adapt and adopt the vocational training model that’s used successfully in Germany. The idea is to directly connect software education to a job. German companies hire students right out of high school for work-study programs. Those apprenticeships often lead to full-time positions with the company once the student graduates. In the U.S., carpenters and a number of other important craftsman trades have used an apprenticeship system to teach and build expertise for hundreds of years. So far, few U.S. companies are even familiar with such a system for software professionals. With more press attention, we’ll see a tailored German model gain momentum in the U.S.  Once employers gain Read more

Apr 082009

Cutter’s annual Summit conference is upon us! Our keynoters, panelists, roundtable facilitators and seminar leaders are truly amazing. It’s an inspiring — and inspired — group of people. And at the Summit, you get to spend time with these folks. I’m not talking about taking up space in the same room; I’m talking real, quality time. Want to discuss your particular challenge with Rob Austin? Go ahead, sit together at lunch. Hang out during the 30-minute break. Curious about techniques to protect your personally identifiable information? Mark Seiden will give you incredible tips during the coffee break. Are you wondering if some of your staff could deliver greater value in a different role? Talk with Read more

Jan 252009

Did you KNOW that January 28 was international Data Privacy Day? I bet most of you did not. Too bad. The way to help improve privacy practices within organizations is to raise awareness of privacy issues. I recently blogged about Data Privacy Day here and here. Are you planning to do something for Data Privacy Day? If so, please let us know! I love to hear what folks do to observe such days, and to help raise awareness of information security and privacy issues. Or, if you are not planning to do something, why? Too late of notice? You don’t see the point of doing anything? You think it is dumb? You think…???? Let us know!