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Aug 112015
DevOps Needs an Architectural Foundation for QA

I have spent most of my professional time in telecommunications company projects. Although both telecommunications and IT are technology-intensive industries, they differ in a fundamental way. Telecommunications services are end products and customers pay for them. IT services represent a means for supporting the products delivered to customers, and customers pay for the product, not for the IT component included in the product. This is the reason why a service assurance practice is much better developed and established in the telecommunications business. But the world is changing, and IT-based services are increasingly becoming end products themselves. Practices for IT-based service assurance can gain a lot if we pattern them on telecommunications practices. The latest developments Read more

Mar 212012

In IT circles, ITIL projects induce feelings of both love and hate. While the IT landscape has many successful ITIL implementations, that landscape is also littered with cost overruns, frustrated IT staff that couldn’t focus on immediate customer demands, and dissatisfied end users whose business “technology” needs were put on hold pending completion of the ITIL projects. The June 2012 Cutter IT Journal with Guest Editor Bill Keyworth, seeks to identify how ITIL can be used effectively to satisfy the customer goals of IT service management and how IT operations can balance the conflicting demands of IT process and business needs. Please send us your ideas – proposals of interest are due 6 April 2012. Read more

Jan 172012

It would seem that the devops discussion is mostly driven by development’s incentives, and appropriately so, given developers’ focus on building functionality for the business user. So it’s no surprise that development is the originator of the whole devops lifecycle, but are there any dangers lurking in a one-sided focus on devops issues? A hefty majority of devops articles come from writers of the development persuasion who are motivated by the legitimate frustrations of the application deployment process. The movement to agile development has been a key contributor in the increase of handicaps encountered as a result of more frequent transitions from development to operations IT groups. Online and verbal discussions identify the primary challenge Read more

Jun 202007

I don’t care if it works. It’s not our way. I don’t care if it’s expedient, effective or simpler. It’s not right. Those sound like counter-productive and potentially hostile kinds of comments. NOW, put them in a different context. CMMI. SAP. PMBOK. ITIL. These are the cookbooks of organizational success. By following the recipes, we can ensure great success. My two analogies come from my kitchen. I’m the chief cook in our house, and I love it. I was a short-order cook in high school and college, and found the experiences at a small-town restaurant to be enlightening. First, I “roast” my turkey with an inch+ of water in the bottom of the roaster. Talk Read more