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Jul 232009

“Hey, Honey, what happened to my 1984?” If you were one of the thousands of people around the world who were in the process of reading (or researching) George Orwell’s famous novel 1984 and woke up Friday, 17 July 2009, to find that it had somehow disappeared from your Kindle, take heart: this is not a bug; it is a feature — though a feature that Amazon, we are told, is in the process of reviewing and revising. That the book that introduced much of the world to the concept of centralized “mind control” was instantly erased on tens of thousands of “connected” devices is just too delicious to let pass — if there is Read more

Dec 182008

The unraveling global economy and its effect on our companies and our lives is about the only thing on people’s minds these days. So we asked the Cutter Business Technology Council Fellows for their advice to IT leaders about how to survive during this financial mess. Here are some snippets of what they advised. Tom DeMarco: “Take a deep breath and … reduce salaries. There is an unwritten law in companies that salaries can go up but can never go down. Repeal it. If you’re faced with a mandate to cut personnel costs by, say, 10%, you could do that by laying off 10% of staff. That way all of the pain is absorbed by Read more

Open or Closed?

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Nov 262007

While we’d all like to know whether your door is open or closed this holiday season and you’d welcome us for a pop-in visit, what we’re referring to here is architecture. In his recent Advisor, Ken Orr, Fellow, Cutter Business Technology Council, discusses some of the benefits and drawbacks to open and closed approaches to architecture. His comments are reproduced below, and we’d very much like to know your thoughts. Should architectures be closed? Or open? Or some combination? Are there certain types of architecture that should be one or the other? What do you think of Apple’s developer environment for the iPhone? Does this mark a change for Apple? Do you agree with the Read more