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Oct 202010

Here at Cutter HQ, as we fondly call it, we’re in full Summit mode: printing badges, packing boxes, tweaking the final menus – getting all the behind-the-scenes stuff done. But that’s certainly not the exciting stuff! What is exciting is the program. As always (this is the 14th Summit we’ve held here in the Boston area), there’s nothing theoretical about the program or sessions. It’s all about creating and discovering business-technology strategies that pave the way for success. And since there are no vendor sponsors, there are no pitches, subtle or otherwise, about silver bullet-type solutions. Here’s a peek at Monday’s sessions: We’re addressing cloud computing. Lou Mazzucchelli’s tackling this topic. If you’ve ever heard Read more

Jun 222009

Last December, we asked the Cutter Business Technology Council to provide some advice for surviving the recession. Since there are now some signs that things are beginning to turn around, we thought it would be interesting to see what the Council thinks will be different as we emerge from the recession. The consensus: Post-recovery ? Pre-crash. Here are a few impressions of the future: Tom DeMarco predicts: “In organizations whose decision makers are fear-crazed and vision-free, new IT expenditures will have to be justified largely on offset maintenance cost. Companies that pursue this course will be the best takeover targets in the coming years. Companies that are best at resisting this course will be the ones Read more