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Jan 152013
The Growing Role of Tablets in Corporations

There has been a lot of discussion about the need for organizations to adopt tablet devices (e.g., iPad, Android-based, PlayBook) to enable their employees to communicate via email, participate in mobile conferencing, and to access, view, and interact with corporate data via reports, dashboards, and other functionality while on the go. Cutter Consortium conducted a survey in 2012 that polled 69 end-user organizations about their mobile technology practices and adoption plans, including the use of smartphones and tablets and issues associated with the development, deployment, and support of mobile devices and end users. According to the survey, almost half of organizations surveyed currently view the use of tablets as a strategic priority to have, while Read more

Jan 082013
Mobile + Disruptive Technologies = Killer Apps

Last year, organizations across almost every industry became really serious about using mobile technology. The majority of these initiatives involved companies enabling existing applications and business processes with mobile capabilities to extend their usefulness to workers in the field or those on the go, as well as to customers and partners beyond the firewall. This trend will accelerate in 2013, with organizations continuing to deploy mobile apps in the form of management dashboards and tools for supporting the three main domains of CRM (i.e., sales, marketing, and service). That said, however, I believe that in 2013 we are also going to see end-user organizations and vendors develop applications that apply mobile technology in conjunction with Read more

Jan 022013
A Slowdown in IT Developments that Depend on High Performance Internet

In my prediction last year I mentioned: In 2012 practically all electronic devices will be internet based. As people progressively learn to explore and mature the use of this technology, the growing impact on business models and collaborative working models will trigger new rules of survival in the new internet-based global economy. Successful organizations will transform accordingly. I also mentioned a number of factors like “Changes in political systems, environmental concerns and issues, climate changes and natural disasters…” that would create additional pressure for the development and use of internet-based technology and software systems. The year 2012 has confirmed (without a shadow of doubt) that organizations of all types are changing their business models to Read more

Mobile Goes Mobile

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Nov 292012
Mobile Goes Mobile

For years I’ve been writing about and implementing a multi-channel, multi-device, n-tier architecture and often would say “I don’t know what the next device is going to be, but I’m sure there’s going to be one, and this architecture will allow us to be prepared”. Well, I think that era is upon us now and I’m ready to predict what the next device will be: It’s your car. New cars these days are equipped with multiple computers, multifunction touch screens, voice recognition, GPS, and much more. So where are we prepared for this, and where will we need to think differently? Architecturally (if we have done things right in the past) we should be ready Read more

Dec 232011
Pads Will Rule the World -- But Won’t Replace the Laptop

If you don’t already have an Apple iPad or similar type of “pad”, odds are good you will soon. They are gaining in popularity at light speed, and CIOs are finding the need to integrate the use of pads into their corporate technology strategies. I didn’t rush out to get an iPad when it was announced, but what I discovered was that those who started using them really liked them. Then, every major vendor started producing their own version of the pad. My wife and son now have iPads and I chose an HP TouchPad even though production has been discontinued. It serves my needs just fine for the time being. There are reasons the Read more

Dec 232011
Internet-based Mobile Technology will Play a Vital Role in 2012

Last year, my prediction focused on the emerging impact of Internet-based mobile technology on the business models in the context of the economic and financial crises. I predicted: The year of 2011 will most likely be characterized by further innovation and reliability of mobile technology allowing organizations to explore mobility on a much larger scale. Business models and processes are likely to be redesigned to embrace this potential. The year of 2011 brought clarity about the real causes and trends of the so-called “economic crisis”: surprisingly (or not) globalization, as it consolidates, has triggered what I call a “beneficial leveling of wealth” around the globe. While this leads to “economic crisis” in certain parts of Read more

Dec 092010

The year of 2010 was in many ways a negative surprise against the expectations. The aggravation of the economic crisis in some of the more developed economies of the world brought disappointment to companies and individuals who expected recovery, and with it, opportunities for exploring emerging technology. Despite the delayed recovery scenario, the Year 2010 nevertheless confirmed some anticipated trends in technology, specifically in Internet-based mobility, using laptops and cell phone-based small devices. In 2010, it was demonstrated that barriers to work collaboration across the globe are practically confined down to time-fuses – and even this constraint can in some cases be explored as an opportunity. With faster high-speed Internet available worldwide, and with cell Read more