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Oct 082008

I had just gotten off the phone with a Merrill Lynch advisor who I know well. She surmised that maybe there is even more capitulation ahead. Maybe we will soon see the Dow at 8,000? Jokingly, I said I would start buying at 6,000. The fear, however, is real and the effect of a big downturn in consumer spending will be significant, not just here in the U.S., but globally. In today’s economy which is driven by consumption, that means tough times for many firms are ahead. From a business strategy standpoint, I see unique opportunities for well-placed firms. I would bet that 95% of all business are now engaging in identical and synchronous maneuvers: Read more

Jul 102008

Software Engineering Radio, the world’s leading podcast on software development, published an episode on “10 Years of Agile Experience” yesterday. In this podcast Marcus Völter interviews me about introducing agile technology to different organizations, the experiences I made doing this job in the last 10 years, and stratgies I derive from this experience. The podcast was recorded in January at OOP 2008 in Munich.

The Fourth Age

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Jun 072008

Twenty years ago, Peter Drucker wrote about the coming of the new, information-based organization, which twenty years later we now take nearly for granted as incarnate everywhere. While information-based organizations rely on and have been largely created by advanced IT, Drucker notes that not all such organizations require advanced IT. Advanced IT lets firms eliminating layers of management that previously served as filters and transmitters of information. IT-enabled point-to-point delivery of relevant information lets companies build scale without building mass. Learning from industry, the United States military has taken notice and found ways to do the same. Drucker identified three major evolutions in the concept and structure of organizations. The first occurred in at the Read more