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Jul 262012
Quick Reflections on the Voke Press Release about Agile

I recently had the pleasure of responding to the comments made by Voke in a press release about its new report that claims that companies do not understand costs of rework and cannot identify clear benefits of Agile. Brian Bloom of Computerworld Canada asked for my reaction, which was subsequently published in IT World Canada. Though I haven’t had the opportunity to read the full report, my impression is the report reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the core tenets of Agile. An Agile phrase you might want think about as you read the article is value delivery. Basically, I view Agile software as a triplet {Process, Output, Outcome}, where: Process=The way a self-organizing team works in accord with an Agile Read more

Aug 052011

  Below is the detailed outline for my August 8, 1:30-5:00PM Technical Debt Workshop in Agile 2011. I look forward to meeting you and interacting with you in the conference before, during and after this workshop! Best, Israel Technical Debt: Assessment and Reduction Part I: Technical Debt in the Overall Context of the Software Process A Holistic Model of the Software Process Two Aspects of Output Three Aspects of Technical Debt Five Aspects of Software Part II: What Really is Technical Debt? What’s in a Metaphor? Code Analysis Time is Money Monetizing Technical Debt Typical Stakeholder Dialog Around Technical Debt Analysis of the Cassandra Code Project Dashboard Part III : Case Study – NotMyCompany, Inc. Read more

Apr 162011
The Equipoise of Technical Debt

Over the past few years I had the privilege of carrying out numerous technical debt engagements for Cutter. The typical makeup of these engagements is: A) align the various stakeholders through a one day workshop on technical debt; B) measure the technical debt; C) devise a plan to reduce it; and, D) work with the client to implement the debt reduction plan. The Cutter Consortium case study here describes how we simultaneously addressed the strategic, tactical and operational needs of one of our clients through such engagement. These days we are starting to break new grounds in technical debt research, analysis and field work by integrating technical debt techniques in the fabric of Cutter’s client companies. Read more