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Jan 102011

Offshoring passes the early adopter stage – the early adoption bugs (customer care, black & white view of specifications, etc) have been largely worked out now, particularly in India.  Customers have gotten better at specifications and remote management – moving away from the “do what I meant, not what I specified” approach to a more professional approach.  Indian firm are better at client management, with most having onshore support cells.  Even with the labor arbitrage decreasing, more value is being added.  This is the year offshoring will no longer be a novelty, but a mandatory aspect of the business case for delivering IT.  Although, many organizations will continue to use a politically acceptable onshore brand Read more

Jul 272010

The trends are clear. There will be more and more outsourcing as we proceed through the 21st century. On-demand, “pay-by-the-drink,” and related models will dominate technology delivery for the foreseeable future — and very likely permanently. Lack of expertise in the US is accelerating this trend. So where does this leave us? With a new requirement: vendor management. Vendor management is a broad area. Let’s explore the strategic highlights. First, you need a comprehensive sourcing strategy and inevitably a strategy driven by the results of a core competency assessment. (Yes, you have to do this again.) The essential questions here revolve around the core/noncore relationship between technology and your business models and processes. Put another Read more

Dec 292009

“Partnering” — besides being a mandatory buzzword — is a curious term. Nowadays, instead of taking over a company, we partner with it. We don’t sell anything anymore; we partner. And now, rather than outsourcing, we create strategic partnerships. While the goal of an amicable and mutually rewarding relationship is admirable, what each party truly expects from the other in an outsourcing arrangement formed under a “partnering vision” is quite different. The client often wants a “well-behaving provider.” But what the client means by “well-behaving” is a provider that accepts nearly infinite scope creep without a commensurate increase in price, immediately reacts to the client’s ad hoc needs (at no charge), and performs what the Read more

Nov 232009

Outsourcing big is not always beautiful. Indeed, sometimes outsourcing big can be a blunder. For example, on Friday, Information Age reported a tally of the UK government’s project management track record, and found that IT projects count among its worst failures. Why? “Government needs to stop thinking that when it comes to procuring IT systems, big is always beautiful,” says shadow chancellor George Osborne. “We need to move in the direction of what are known as ‘open standards’ – in effect, creating a common language for government IT,” he said, which would mean “big projects can be split into smaller elements, which can be delivered by different suppliers and then bolted together”. Even in Texas, big Read more

Dec 022008

Almost a month ago I told you about the cover story Bob Charette wrote for IEEE Spectrum on the problems in defense acquisition. Today, Robin Young of the NPR show Here & Now interviewed Bob about the article. You can listen to it here. The part with Bob begins about 5 minutes in, and lasts about 10 minutes.

Nov 252008
SaaS User Satisfaction Skyrockets to a Whopping 97%

Analysis of the data we collected in our fourth annual software-as-a-service (SaaS) market survey has revealed that 97% of responders are satisfied with their SaaS deployments. Jeff Kaplan will continue to analyze the data over the next few weeks. He wrote in a recent Business Technology Trends & Impacts Executive Update: Given the tangible benefits survey respondents report gaining from their SaaS deployments, I’m not surprised by this finding, but still, it’s impressive! This is a satisfaction level that few established on-premise enterprise software vendors can match. The benefits enterprises are enjoying that have lead to such an unprecedented satisfaction level include reducing infrastructure costs as a result of SaaS solutions, greater functional capabilities from Read more

Nov 172008

A recent Cutter Consortium survey revealed that 63% of responding organization are using a SaaS solution, up from 32% in 2007. Over the past four years, Cutter has been charting the growth of the SaaS market with a series of yearly customer surveys. This effort has been spearheaded by Cutter Senior Consultant Jeffrey M. Kaplan. In analyzing the data for a Business Technology Trends & Impacts Executive Update, Kaplan wrote: Last year, the survey gave us a hint that this jump in adoption might occur. Even before escalating fuel costs and the recent collapse of the credit markets, 80% of our SaaS survey respondents last year who reported they were considering SaaS solutions stated they Read more