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May 312016
Attention Agile Organizations: Alignment = Better Decision Making

A frequent complaint we hear from Agile teams is that their self-organization is not respected and their manager routinely overrules their decisions. If you talk to the manager, he or she complains that the team doesn’t respect company policies anymore and makes decisions it’s not entitled to make. What seems to be a battle about power in many cases and like a confusion of self-organization with autonomy turns out to be an unfinished Agile integration into the organization. Last December, we discussed this topic at a workshop of the “Supporting Agile Adoption” program of the Agile Alliance from the perspective of decision making. Decision making has been a topic of management literature since at least the middle of Read more

Nov 032015
Considering Group Dynamics in Agile Adoption

Understanding individuals and how they interact with each other is one of the key priorities of Agile. In fact, the very first statement of the flagship Agile Manifesto highlights this priority. When individuals interact positively with each other, they promote the group’s common goal. This is collaboration. Honest collaboration invariably challenges the inherently territorial nature of humans. We love to hold on to our spaces and boundaries (both geographical and mental). Collaboration permeates those boundaries and makes them porous. The need to break down the territorial mindset in humans is perhaps the hardest thing to comprehend and accept in an Agile culture change. Promoting collaboration fundamentally depends on understanding how two (or more) individuals interact Read more

Aug 102011

Check out Cutter’s Patrick Debois (@patrickdebois) and Julian Simpson on Thursday morning at Agile2011 (9:30 – 10:30). They believe that organizations can greatly benefit from agile infrastructure and have built a demo just for this conference to prove that the concept of ‘”infrastructure as code” can help. This session is part of the New Horizons stage, so you can be certain you’ll be discovering something you hadn’t really thought about in this way before! At the same time (unfortunately!) Cutter’s Mark Levison and Roger Brown are presenting a refinement of their Agile2009 presentation, Creativity for Agile Teams. They focus on how to support, enable and enhance the creative abilities of Agile teams. Next, Scott Ambler, Read more

Now On Stage …

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Aug 042011

If you’re going to Agile2011, be sure to check out the Testing and Quality Assurance stage. Cutter’s Ken Collier is co-producer, with Lisa Shoop from Sabre, of this stage. They’ve pulled together a powerhouse lineup of thought leaders in the Agile testing and QA space. The sessions on this stage will be highly interactive; they’re designed for sharing and learning from others. A few of the questions that will be addressed on Ken and Lisa’s Testing and QA stage include: How do quality metrics improve testing practices? How do you effectively manage technical debt in test suites? (This one will be answered by our own Israel Gat!) How do you ensure that testing “keeps up” Read more

Aug 032011

Practice what you preach. Talk the talk and walk the walk. That’s what Cutter’s going to do at the end of each afternoon at Agile2011. Join Israel Gat and Cutter Senior Consultants including Ken Collier, Brent Barton, Patrick Debois, Johanna Rothman, Christopher Avery, Ward Cunningham, Gil Broza, and others for the Daily Cutter Retrospective. This team, along with anyone (that means you!) who’d like to join them, will spend a few minutes reviewing and sharing what everyone learned that day, and what impact it might have on the rest of the conference and their post-conference actions. Follow us at @cuttertweets for the exact location of this retrospective/meetup. Or Like us on Facebook and we’ll send Read more