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Jul 262016
Levels of Architectural Understanding

Early on in my EA career, I was very fortunate to become involved in a pioneering EA initiative at Westpac. My introduction to Westpac came when I helped its Group Data Resource Management team develop tool and repository support for its enterprise business model. During this engagement, I kept hearing people refer to an exciting but very hush-hush project that went under the code name “CS90.” I was intrigued and determined to find out more. That proved very difficult because the project was so leading-edge and innovative that all its documentation was marked at the highest level of secrecy. To make it even harder for competitors to find out what Westpac was doing, CS90 was divided Read more

On Being Prepared….

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Jul 062007

Rebecca Herald’s recent post “Are you Prepared for the Unexpected” got me thinking about an architecture seminar I gave last month in Mexico. I was describing some of the values of architecture, including preparing for the future. Someone from the audience asked “How can we prepare for changes when we don’t know what they will be?” Certainly a fair question. The answer (or at least my answer) is architecture. One of the most fundamental principles of architecture is separation of concerns. What this means is that we identify things that should be independent, figure out how to separate them, and create an interface to formalize the isolation. Potential or likely changes is one of the Read more