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Dec 112013
Collaboration and Social Tools in 2014

For 2014, I predict … 1. The browser becomes the OS. More and more is being added to Google’s Chrome browser; so much so that it is starting to look much like an operating system. You have all of these plug-ins (like applications), you can customize and configure your device or the look and feel of the browser. Nowhere is Chrome more an OS than with Chromebooks, where it is the OS. And it is a very web-oriented OS (thin client), with just the browser, media player and file manager as its only native applications. The question is: will IE or Firefox follow suit? Or are they pursuing different directions? 2. The social enterprise. As a Read more

Dec 062011
Coming Soon to an Enterprise Near You: Crowd-Based Business

If 2011 was the year of the “Social Enterprise”, then 2012 -2015 will be the years recognized for Crowd-Based Business (CBB). The “Social Enterprise” is being touted as the next big thing… the new way to do business, a social way to do business. But the next “big thing” in collaboration is crowds, not social. Social is only a new method of connecting and discovering information, social does not enable and guide action. Business is about delivering results, and for that you need a crowd! A crowd as “a network that drives an outcome, task or goal” has business value. Understanding how crowds can add value to your business and also ensuring your business does not Read more