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Apr 052016

The Internet of Things. Location-based services. Automated reasoning. Social media. Wearables. Analytics. I could extend this list of “game-changing” technologies, and so could you. What’s a CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO, or business unit president to do? Especially when they go to an investor conference and they’re asked to explain “the game-changing technology plan”? Those who work in the C-suite need smart people, budgets, and technology solutions to impact their business processes and overall business model. In other words, game changers need context; otherwise, C-suite(rs) end up chasing “the next great things,” which is what many companies have done for decades. Remember business process reengineering, Six Sigma, matrix ­management, and management by objectives? Who ­created Six Read more

Dec 202012
A Changing View of Social Media

In the coming year, instead of viewing social media as a marketing tool, similar to ads (even targeted ads), organizations will begin to recognize that the potential for social media lies in the using the tools to build communities around products and services. The resulting communities can be invaluable in providing feedback on design and level of service issues.  Customers and prospective clients can become engaged from early design throughout the life cycle, becoming valued partners with the organization in a mutually beneficial community, focused on improving product and service satisfaction. [Editor’s Note: This post is part of the annual “Cutter Predicts …” series.]

Nov 292012

Keeping up with a changing customer base is an ongoing challenge for organizations. And innovative strategic planning is the key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Recently, CIOs have been turning to a combination of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) strategies to stay competitive, differentiate themselves and provide a great customer experience. A SMAC strategy also gives organizations the ability to be more collaborative, connective and operate in real-time. But can organizations realistically manage this convergence of technologies such that it doesn’t disrupt their current IT systems or business models? How can these new technologies be assimilated into existing business/IT processes and culture to allow organizations to be transformed by the benefits of SMAC? An Read more

Defining Social Media

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Aug 092011
Defining Social Media

“Social media” is one of these phrases that has emerged in recent years for which there is still not a single, broadly accepted definition. Thus, every author tends to propose his or her own. This is not just vanity; it is also the sign of an immature and rapidly evolving field. In a recent Executive Update, Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole and Cutter Senior Consultant Vince Schiavone define social media by extension, listing the following components (with my examples added in parentheses):[1] Social networks (LinkedIn) Blogs and microblogs (WordPress and Twitter) Forums and message boards (Yammer and Google Groups) Multimedia sites (YouTube and Flickr) A definition made up of a list has some drawbacks: it does not Read more

May 032011

Our research indicates that interest in predictive analytics and data mining has never been higher, and that organizations are increasingly turning to the technology to take their BI capabilities to the next level (i.e., the ability to predict who will be their best customers, which customers are likely to churn, and optimum performing suppliers, etc.). Moreover, organizations are not only using predictive analytics to analyze structured data, but are also applying text mining and analysis tools to analyze unstructured (text-based) information. (Please do let us know your opinion on the use of text mining and analysis by taking our survey at .) A number of factors are driving the use of data mining and Read more