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Oct 192009

As the old joke goes, alpha tests and beta tests are named that way because “alpha” is a Greek word that means “doesn’t work,” and “beta” is another Greek word that means “still doesn’t work.” But seriously, we know that the classical software product lifecycle includes tests performed by the development team (alpha tests) and tests performed by a limited number of selected users (beta tests). Beta testers have to accept that the software may have bugs (otherwise, what would be the point of testing?) and they commit to taking the time to provide detailed feedback on the issues they encounter. In exchange, they get to use the software early, usually for free, and may Read more

Nov 252008
SaaS User Satisfaction Skyrockets to a Whopping 97%

Analysis of the data we collected in our fourth annual software-as-a-service (SaaS) market survey has revealed that 97% of responders are satisfied with their SaaS deployments. Jeff Kaplan will continue to analyze the data over the next few weeks. He wrote in a recent Business Technology Trends & Impacts Executive Update: Given the tangible benefits survey respondents report gaining from their SaaS deployments, I’m not surprised by this finding, but still, it’s impressive! This is a satisfaction level that few established on-premise enterprise software vendors can match. The benefits enterprises are enjoying that have lead to such an unprecedented satisfaction level include reducing infrastructure costs as a result of SaaS solutions, greater functional capabilities from Read more

Nov 172008

A recent Cutter Consortium survey revealed that 63% of responding organization are using a SaaS solution, up from 32% in 2007. Over the past four years, Cutter has been charting the growth of the SaaS market with a series of yearly customer surveys. This effort has been spearheaded by Cutter Senior Consultant Jeffrey M. Kaplan. In analyzing the data for a Business Technology Trends & Impacts Executive Update, Kaplan wrote: Last year, the survey gave us a hint that this jump in adoption might occur. Even before escalating fuel costs and the recent collapse of the credit markets, 80% of our SaaS survey respondents last year who reported they were considering SaaS solutions stated they Read more

May 212008

I’ve been thinking about the software-plus-service model, where a vendor offers online (hosted) software components that integrate with the vendor’s software installed onsite at the end-user organization (i.e., the customer). Microsoft is pushing this approach in response to on-demand offerings from Google and other providers. More recently, SAP AG has jumped on the software-plus-service bandwagon as it has backed off its on-demand-only efforts. In some ways, this “hybrid” model makes sense. In other ways, it seems like it could be the worst of both worlds.In the case of SAP, the idea that some ERP components should remain onsite with the customer seems to make sense because of the security and reliability concerns I have with Read more