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Dec 192013
Will the Laggards Speed Up, Please?

The Oil and Gas (O&G) industry, especially its so-called “upstream” segment, exploration and production (or going from the rock to the pipeline), is totally based on data. A seismic survey may collect petabytes of acoustic signals. Increasingly, when wells are drilled, sensors are inserted in them, and these sensors collect data for the next 30 years of production. Two completely different applications, but in both cases they result in masses of data. O&G’s dependency on data began decades ago when the Schlumberger brothers invented the “electric log” in 1926. And yet, this sector has been one of the most conservative, even lagging, adopters of modern modeling and management techniques for both information and processes. Over Read more

May 212012

What does the future of cloud computing look like? Would the industry benefit from standards to level the playing field between consumers and providers? Should government get involved or should it be left to consumer and industry groups? Join the debate in the August 2012 Cutter IT Journal with Guest Editor Mitchell Ummel. Please send us your ideas – proposals of interest are due 1 June 2012. To respond, please visit